Ten years ago, I decided not to be fat anymore. After being 50-60 pounds overweight my whole life, I’d had enough.

Years of bets, resolutions, diet programs, etc. failed.

But deciding worked.

I created my own rules. I didn’t stop eating my favorite foods; I didn’t exercise. Less than 9 months later, I’d lost 52 pounds…and I’ve kept it off since.

The same thing happened the day I decided to quit smoking. I woke up one day 24 years ago and said, “I’ve had my last cigarette.”

You have the power to change ANYTHING you want…once you decide to.

p.s. If you want to see what worked for me, you can download this PDF or share the link. It’s free (it wasn’t always) and I won’t be upselling you any supplements or coaching. Read it, keep what helps, and ignore the rest. But this completely changed my life and maybe it will help you, too.