Business & Marketing Services

In order to provide the level of focus and value that you deserve, Jenny accepts only a limited number of clients simultaneously – and a maximum of 8 per year. Additionally, Jenny believes it’s critical to be aligned with the mission of–and the people in–your business to make the biggest impact and get the most value.


Hire Jenny for a 2- or 3-day clinic to do a customized deep-dive… whether your company needs a “wellness checkup,” a complete pivot, or something in between. This intensive will help align your leadership team, create laser focus on the real opportunities, and eliminate projects that are draining resources. Click the “Apply Here” button to get started.


Make Jenny your team’s “secret weapon” by securing some of her time each month with a consulting retainer. By focusing on business and marketing strategies, Jenny will help jumpstart your growth and help you get – and stay -- unstuck. Fees vary depending on scope of work and time requested. Use the “Apply Here” button or Contact Us to get started.


Finding the right name for your business – or for a new product – can be the difference in your success. Turn to Jenny to help you find the name, the brand, and logo that will promote your company’s personality and make your customers proud to do business with you. Use the “Apply Here” button and we will be in touch soon.

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If you have a product or service that you think makes someone’s life better, it is your responsibility (yes, responsibility!) to market it to them. Imagine if Steve Jobs had said, “I don’t really feel comfortable trying to sell this crazy phone.”