“On second thought” is about changing your mind…On3rd is about changing the way you think


Business Strategist | Marketing Consultant | Author | Speaker

With her unique “blink” style marketing and business management strategy, Jenny helps established businesses bust through the clutter to start growing again.


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Hire Jenny for a 2- or 3-day clinic to do a customized deep-dive… whether your company needs a “wellness checkup,” a complete pivot, or something in between. This intensive will help align your leadership team, create laser focus on the real opportunities, and eliminate projects that are draining resources. Click the “Apply Here” button to get started.


Finding the right name for your business – or for a new product – can be the difference in your success. Turn to Jenny to help you find the name, the brand, and logo that will promote your company’s personality and make your customers proud to do business with you. Use the “Apply Here” button and we will be in touch soon.


Jenny’s current musings and insights on marketing, business strategy, leadership, and more – but never in more than 99 words.



Testimonial 0

Jenny just sees things differently. She comes up with ideas and strategies other people just…don’t. And what can seem like quick little “throw aways” can completely revolutionize my way of thinking or approaching my business. There’s no better way to put it: I love that bitch.

SKR , entrepreneur

Testimonial 1

I always tell people I have a secret weapon… Jenny is that secret weapon. Honestly, everyone needs a Jenny Thompson.


Testimonial 10

Jenny came down to Delray and we spent three full days talking about the business. Really, really good. We came away with a very long list of things to do. We’ve done these things before, the difference is, Jenny “gets it.” Everyone agreed, too; our session with Jenny was extremely valuable.

T. D.

Testimonial 11

I’m really happy that you’ve made this leap. The world needs more of your advice and will be a better place for it.

K. K.

Testimonial 12

You are amazing… and I am so grateful to have you in my world! What a blessing you are!

B. V.

Testimonial 13

We appreciate the connections. Thanks for a great 3 days of contemplative marketing insights and new initiatives to consider.

M. I.

Testimonial 14

Jenny remains the most talented natural marketer I’ve ever worked with!

B. B.

Testimonial 15

I loved your CopyChief podcast. From the story of why you quit Agora/NewMarket Health, to the quote on “growth begets growth,” all the way to the tests you ran at Agora…pure gold. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

A. C.

Testimonial 16

I really can’t thank you enough. And I also can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. You really helped us solidify our 2017 vision and kill some of our sacred cows. And I learned so much from you!

G. L.

Testimonial 17

I seriously cannot thank you enough. What a brilliant mind you have! Thank you for taking some time to share your thoughts and advice with me. I’m excited to make it happen.

B. G.